... in my home studio

... in my home studio

Elaine A. Russell

I need more coffee...

There are so many things I love to do! 
I have tried a little bit of everything over the years... and what I enjoy the most is the creating process. That ah-ha moment when you get a spark of an idea... and can't stop until you get it in motion.

My first love (art-wise) is photography. I became the family photographer at the age of 6 ... and graduated from the NYI of Photography in 1990. Over the years, I have tried my hand at all kinds of art mediums. Not a day goes by without me taking a photo... or working on an art project. You will find all kinds of things here... from needlework, to artwork... to jewelry fabrication.. and more.
I love to work with recycled/ upcycled materials... and an ever increasing number of items in my shop have a re-purposed element to it. I even use recycled materials in my shipping.

I am committed to providing excellent customer service; and am thrilled that in all the years of selling on-line (since 1998) my feedback has been 100% positive.


I started doing craft shows and selling on Ebay in 1998, after a year of making jewelry as a hobby. In 2003, I retired from my job as a RN (due to health) and home-schooled our kids and started my own business. In 2008, I started selling on Etsy.com. In 2009, I helped start and run The Wooden Cow Gallery in Albuquerque, NM. In 2013, we moved from NM back to our home town in PA to take care of my mom. Since then:

Juried artisan in the PA Wilds (2014-2016)

Top6 Artisan: Pa Route6 Artisan Trail (2014-2015)

Juried artisan in the PA Route6 Artisan Trail (2014-2016)

Juried artisan in the Potter County Artisan Center (2014-2015)

Multiple publications in both books and magazines.

We have 2 children, a gorgeous granddaughter, and a fabulous pup. As of May 2019, we moved to Alexandria VA.

My goal is to become the best human I can be,

and to live life in an artful, creative, and caring manner.