I think I might be done with “people-ing” for a bit. Had a weird incident online that for some reason has really thrown me for a loop, deep inside. ….. >>sigh<<


#createDaily —- and ironically, it’s also National Grouch Day!


… and… I got some better photos of this necklace, PLUS the ends are now finished with double sterling crimps, crimp covers and wire guards. And… it’s listed now in the Etsy shop.



—and… I should have gotten a photo... but I just taped up a box of beading/ jewelry making supplies to send to a woman whose husband has cancer, and she was in need of some supplies to make things to sell.
Box contains: Lots and lots of glass beads, handmade lampwork beads, antique glass crystals, 14K GP cross/clasp/gemstone charms lot, lots of wire, rosary cording, a bag of silk tassels, a bag of leather cording, and some jewelry pieces she can take apart of sell as is.
Just sharing the love 💛



#createDaily — sunrise

Sunrise2 (2).jpg

I also think I am going to be working with some Jasper stones this coming week.

IMHO, Jasper is a highly underrated stone.
"Jasper is an opaque variety of Chalcedony, and is usually associated with brown, yellow, or reddish colors. The appeal of Jasper is its interesting color patterns and formations. Though it can be a solid color, it is most often mottled, spotted, ringed, or striped. Each Jasper has a unique color or pattern, lending this gemstone much variety. Jasper is an ancient gemstone, and is mentioned in the bible and other classical sources. Though fairly common and affordable today, Jasper in antiquity was regarded as a valuable stone."
In general, Jasper stones encourage grounding and stability by connecting us to nature at a deeper level-- and it's healing properties lead the way to prosperity, creativity, and pure joy.



Well, it’s been just over a week since I started making a concentrated effort to not be online as much. Coincidentally, I also managed to get my days and nights mixed around, so my sleep schedule has been really wonky. What I’ve found, is that I have made time to watch more tv. I am actually watching a BBC series called “Vera”… and it’s really good. I’ve also been reading more, tackling some poetry books I have on my nightstand. …. and a couple books by Patti Smith. I also noted, that in place of reading endlessly off of Facebook and various news sources, I chose instead to look at art, nature and jewelry posts on Instagram.

Conclusion, I am a bit calmer and a bit less angry about life and our current administration/ government . (although that said, I have very strong opinions on our “leaders”… .and truly feel we need some sort of complete overhaul there). I will not stop learning, reading, being current, and being proactive and protesting when I can…. but I also know now, that my health, at least at the moment, is curtailing some of what I would potentially be inclined to do. It’s a hard lesson, and one I am not overly happy with…. but there are also some things I need to “catch up on”…. legal stuff and more downsizing… that I feel I need to concentrate on. I think that once I get a few of these items off my my mental “to do” list… I will feel less anxious overall, and more optimistic.

On a positive note, I am really loving our apartment. I know I was cautious about moving into an apartment situation after living in houses for about 25yrs… but the more compact space has been really good. It is significantly easier and quicker to clean, and having everything close and on one level is amazing. WE do have a small storage closer area next to our apartment … and I hope in the next few months to be able to go thru it and get rid of things. It is mostly craft stuff, some of my business stuff, and TONS of photos. My main concern was that we live on the 2nd floor… and I was concerned about the stairs (both for me, and for ZeeZe) … but we’ve both been doing well with it so far.

leaves2 (2).jpg



ZeeZe had his Echo yesterday afternoon (monday). He did very well with the exam and the testing.

Bottom line, he does have Heart Disease and Congestive Heart Failure, but the cardiologist didn't think it was as bad as the primary vet thought. She is switching the doses of his current 3 meds around, and adding 2 more. SO he will be on a total of 5 meds, given twice a day. She also suggested that he lose a couple pounds.

Now, all that that said. He is 13yrs old... the vet indicated that life expectancy for a healthy Lhasa mix dog is 12-14yrs. So. He is doing extremely well considering he did not have a good first 10yrs, and has issues.

In other news... there really isn't much else. ZeeZe was very weak yesterday am, and I had to carry him from the dog park, across the driveway and up the steps to our apartment. 2 weeks ago, there is no way I could have done that with my back. So... in that sense, the inversion table is def helping. I am grateful I didn't have to carry farther, not sure I could have done it... but I did it. Things are (very) slowly, but surely, getting better.



---saving myself from late night infomercials, by editing old photos that are languishing in files...And on the plus side... in the past couple days I've seen 2 episodes of a new show called "Stumptown" (which is really good), and the movies: "Bohemian Rhapsody", "Bad Times at the El Royale" (both were pretty good honestly), a movie called "Paper Hearts" (really forgettable), and a cheesy murder movie called "Manhattan Night." (not great, fairly graphic).



#createDailyfrom my morning walk...

CreateDaily2 (1).jpg

And, yesterday on my artisan page, I posted the pic on the left as an inspiration photo. On the right, is the necklace that I was inspired to make from it. I used Charoite (purple) disc shaped beads on the front, separated with wavy sterling silver spacer beads. Then.. .there are some luscious Green Amber rounds (very hard to find). Finally, I chose some butterscotch toned Baltic Amber chips to complete the look. As soon as my crimps come in, I can finish the ends and add a clasp. Total length will be 18-19 inches.
Ironically, all the stone/ amber beads used in this piece came from the Baltic Regions of Europe.

*All the stone beads are ones I purchased from Magpie Gemstones, for their excellent quality.




trees2 (1).jpg

yep. I have a completely messed up sleep schedule. So. I think I will take this as a “sign” from the universe to step back a bit. I have decided to take a week, and make a concentrated effort to not be online as much. I am going to try to read some of the books from the (huge) stack on my nightstand. I am going to listen to more music… and perhaps marathon a couple movies or a new series. We’ll see. But in any case, I am declaring some time off. So. If you don’t see much here, don’t worry. I am just trying to get some sleep and re-charge.




I have my days and nights completely turned around again. Seems like this is probably going to be an issue for the rest of my life. That said…. I’ve been able to spend some quiet time here in the apt playing around with beads. I think… for this week…. I am going to concentrate on making a few necklaces.

This first necklace isn’t finished. I realized that I needed to order some wire guards and crimps, so I am waiting for them to come in. I have used Mexican Fire Opal faceted rondelle beads, Kingman Turquoise nuggets, Campitos Turquoise chip beads with flecks of Pyrite in them, and sterling silver wire/ beading wire/ spacers/ clasp. Length is about 18 inches. I picked these particular beads not only because they went well together from a color standpoint... but also because they are all mined in the Arizona/ Mexico -- gorgeous southwest areas. Both turquoise and fire opal are thought to help metaphysically on positive friendships, love/ self love, and healing of those relationships. The whole time I was making this necklace, (ironically) I was thinking about past friendships and those I love… and how important these connections are.




So…. went out to dinner last night to the Silver Diner. (it’s our go-to place now). I had managed to get about 5hours of sleep during the day (non last night)… and promptly came home and went back to bed. Things are all discombobulated….. Anyway. We are tentatively getting a visit from family today…. so all is good.

BTW… looks at Jim’s colossal burger! It is actually meatless… and oh-so-good. I got the fish and chips platter.




>>sigh<< I have my days and nights mixed around again… so things might be a bit sporadic around here. On the plus side, the apartment is clean… and the sunrise this am was glorious!

Sunrise2 (1).jpg