…. time, time, time…. Mom passed away almost a week ago, and it seems like all I’ve done since is sleep, eat, and occasionally do some maintenance type stuff here at the house (laundry, dishes, etc)…. but maybe…. maybe…. that’s ok.




So my daughter found me these awesome slippers yesterday. I am not sure that ZeeZe is impressed. …




This is actually a photograph I took several years ago while on a trip to California. Edited today.




Today a mated pair of cardinals made sure I noticed them in the apple tree in our yard. I believe mom and dad are together at last… . and all is good.



Mom passed away last evening at 5:08pm, surrounded by family.
Much love to everyone....

You can see her obituary HERE




We are continuing Hospice Care here at the house for mom… I think we are all exhausted, but doing better than we were a week ago…. and mom is comfortable.



Mom’s been on a “bender” again…. having (finally) fallen asleep last night around 10pm… and I am grateful for the rest. In the past couple days, we have had lots going on… hospice assessments, nursing assessments, continued care and changes in her medications…. and a delivery of a much appreciated hospital bed. We have moved all her “stuff” into the living room, for ease of accessibility.

I also had a much appreciated and much needed conversation with her last night. Closure. It’s important. Much love. See you tomorrow.




So what I haven’t had the time and energy to say on here….

Mom went to the doctor’s on the 21st.. which was a big ordeal in of itself. She was started on a medication for her severe dementia, as she has had increasing episodes of agitation and restlessness, particularly at night. She has been getting up a minimum of 8 times a night (with me providing help), but on her worst, she was up 22 times in the span of 5hours. The first few days she did alright on the medication.. sleeping much better through the night. However, as of Wednesday at 8am… she proceeded to stay up for 53hours straight. She was delusional, agitated, combative. By Friday, the original med should have been out of her system, and we started a different one. Since then, she has been mostly sleepy, yet still restless, with some very brief periods of coherence. She is tolerating only sips of liquids. The last food she ate was Thursday evening. She has tried to choke on the simplest of things since then, so that has been stopped…. per her written wishes.

Needless to say, her care needs have increased dramatically, and we have moved her into the living room for closer observation. She has been designated as Palliative Care, but tomorrow there will be an assessment by members of the Hospice team, and we will go from there. I am hoping to get a hospital bed provided for our ease of use, as well as improved comfort for her.

Life is crazy, wonderful, full… and exhausting. More tomorrow.