The past couple days I have been busy gathering, photographing, and weighing lots of things to put on Ebay. I am clearing some of the things out of a bead cabinet I bought years ago. The cabinet is fantastic, and had some supplies in it when I bought it, and I will probably never use some of it… so… Ebay seemed logical. In other news… we are also signing papers on our house in Coudersport!




Today would have been my mother’s birthday… not something I realized until just now. Strange. It’s been a rough several months since she passed, and an even rougher several years leading up to her passing. It’s been quite the journey, and I’ve learned a lot.




another photo from when Jim and I went to the Alexandria National Cemetery at night. I believe this was the original “comfort station” and could hold 24 chairs and a large table. There is another building behind it, of newer brick, that is said (according to one site) to contain the kitchen, the bathroom and tool area.




I’ve been pretty immobile since hurting my ankle about 3 weeks ago. It’s been harder than I thought, and more painful than I thought. The upshot, I am not sleeping well, and I have my sleep/ awake schedule pretty messed up… and therefor, I am also not getting much of anything done. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Tonight, Jim and I went out or dinner, and then went driving around the area, finding a cool entrance to a cemetery… so of course, we had to stop. Hence, my photo for today from the Alexandria National Cemetery.




This is an older photo, that I edited today. … Still sorting through beads and findings.




—-cooking (dinner tonight is Dirty Rice with a summer veggie sauté, and skirt steak on top).


.. and sorting through some of my jewelry making stuff to list on Ebay…




migraine day #4.... cold. I think my immune system is rebelling . In other ‘news’…. here are some hostas blooming in the courtyard.


8-8-19 --Bonus


I've never tried to make pho... and to be honest, only have had it once. But I tried! This one is a pork version. I looked at several different recipes online, and combined what seemed to be the consensus into one recipe...
I cooked the pork loin with onions and a few spices in the Instapot (40 minutes on pressure cook). And, I cooked the traditional noodles separately, at the last minute after soaking them for an hour.
The base is: Miso broth(I used 2 cartons of organic Miso broth from the store), a few veggies I had (squash, scallions and peppers). I added Chinese 5 spice, lemongrass, cilantro, ginger, salt, Fish sauce, cinnamon, and Thai chili paste.
Once the pork was done, I added it to my broth which had been simmering for a couple hours. 
To serve: I added my freshly cooked noodles to the bottom of each bowl, and ladled generous portions of the the broth/ meat/ blend on top.
UPDATE: To me, it needed more Thai Chili sauce.. so I added a generous dollop to my bowl.




The weather here is pretty amazing….I took all of these photos yesterday late afternoon.





Right now it’s 93 degrees and 56% humidity. I feel like a wilted flower. That said, the Black eyed Susans in the courtyard seem to love it…. And so I will stay inside, rest, and maybe work on some stuff I’ve been meaning to do. (or maybe I’ll work on jewelry).




I am a mess today…. a combination of news/ world events hitting hard… and a migraine… and lack of good sleep. >>sigh<<

In continuing what I was talking about yesterday; when I am stressed, I either cook… or clean (or both). Here is another yummy meal I put together with our Instapot. It is boneless, skinless chicken pieces with lots of herbs, fresh tomatoes, yellow squash, zucchini, onions, mushrooms, red/orange/green peppers…, all over Farfalle pasta with Asiago & Parmesan cheese on top. And a side of ciabatta bread with butter.





I find that when I am stressed, I either clean the house, garden, or cook. Most times, it’s a combination of all three… until I can wear myself down enough to calm a bit. These past few days have been no exception.

So. I cleaned the apartment, fiddled with the plants on the balcony… and made this fabulous dinner. Comprised of fresh/ local beats, tomatoes, scallions, mushrooms, summer squash and zucchini, an apple, a dash of white wine… lots of spices…. and a skirt steak…. it came out fabulous.




Photo taken this am of my fabulous pup having some naps and dreams… and my submission for my daily “createDaily” project.


I have to admit though… that I am so incredibly overwrought. I just.... can't...watch any more news today. That, coupled with the rantings of some really "uninformed or willfully stubborn?" folks on my FB feed who still believe we don't have gun/ hate/ racism issues here in the US. I am just so incredibly angry/sad/depressed/ frustrated/ fed up/ gutted/ incredulous/exasperated/ infuriated/ demoralized/discouraged/ disheartened …with both my country and my fellow man right now. Where do we go from here?.....

I fight, I write… I vote… I still feel powerless.

So. A dear friend suggested I need to back away for a bit, and concentrate on doing more art. She’s probably right.

Someone asked me once, how do I come up with so many ideas for y jewelry? I’ve been making jewelry since 1997, and I have to admit, I haven’t had a “block” yet . Perhaps I am just really, really lucky…. but I find inspiration is practically everywhere I look. Oftentimes, I am inspired by nature.

The other night I was getting groceries… and was inspired by the flowers in the shop. I took a photo (see below). Those colors inspired me to think of gemstones in a similar color palette… (which also led to some suggestions of stones from a friend)… which led to the necklace I a currently working on …