So… on Monday am I woke with a rash and a plethora of symptoms. I thought it was an allergy. Going to the clinic tonight, as things have gotten worse…. >>sigh<< But in the meantime,…. THIS.




So yesterday, I broke out in a rash on my face. I assumed I came in contact with an allergen on Sunday sometime, but have no idea what. I took Benadryl, applied cortisone, used my inhalers, took a shower, washed the clothing and linens. Today it is worse, and is on my face, neck, torso, thighs. I have no idea. Taking more Benadryl….. in the meantime, I cannot tolerate sun. So here is a quick pic I took of the hydrangeas on my way to get the mail.




salad comprised of red, yellow and orange peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, celery, onions, 2 kinds of cheese, salami, a hard boiled egg, and Caeser dressing



so happy with how this one turned out….

Super Seven gemstone chips in a variety of sizes (mostly around 8mm), accented with amazing Amethyst rounds, handmade Sterling silver beads... and 3 stunning Herkimer Diamonds from my friend's mine in Herkimer NY.
Strung on sterling silver tigertail wire for added durability. Crimps, crimp covers and the clasp are all sterling silver. Total length is about 18 1/2 inches.

I will be listing this necklace at $55

((Beads are from Magpie Gemstones. Herkimers, were dug by a friend of mine(Bryan) at Crystal Grove Diamond Mine & Campground))




Made my way to the grocery store for the first time (by myself) and took a photo of the flowers for sale.

And (below) are a couple pieces I’ve finished and forgot to post here.


This necklace and earrings set feature gorgeous Phosphosiderite and Kunzite stones. I have selected rounds in various tones for interest, and accented them with fancy sterling silver chain, and handmade sterling silver spacer beads. The toggle clasp is abalone shell in a complimentary tone.
The necklace is about 18 1/2 inches long, and the earring dangle length is about an inch.


It's summer... and what could be more appropriate than a Cowrie shell set? This necklace features a stunning Cowrie shell focal, accented with Bronzite stone stick shaped beads & faceted rondelles, and more shell Heishi shaped beads on the ends. All the silver is sterling silver; including the handmade clasp. I have completed this set with some shell and Bronzite earrings.



Still not feeling well… so I’ve been taking short little walks within the complex. Aren’t these gorgeous?




Finally got a piece or two of art hung up in our new place....
It will (no doubt) take me awhile to hang it all, as I love to collect cool art from my friends and fellow artists. This found object art piece is by Bryan Welsh, and is entitled "If the past had a window."

I love how the dangly bit on the bottom creates the shadow of a bird in flight on the wall...



#createdaily — Apparently, this is my week to work at night…Got this beauty listed today, and better photos taken…. and I got these Rhodonite earrings done…with Sterling silver and Herkimer diamonds!




ZeeZe (and I) love nap time. Especially if sleeping at night is sketchy at best.


and … Fresh from the studio!
New Super Seven necklace and earrings SET (also called Cacoxenite and/or Melody Stone)...featuring Super Seven crystal chip beads and a gorgeous double terminated quartz crystal as a focal piece. All the silver is sterling. The clasp is a handmade toggle and ring. Total length on the necklace is 19 inches.




…and because I’ve been up at nights with this migraine… I decided to organize our books onto our new bookcases. It’s been good to get things a little more ‘together’.

Listed (2).jpg



photo for today… plus a couple items I finished up and listed.

Listed (1).jpg


Just now! on my artisan page; MoonGipsies:

Up all night, so I got to play with some fabulous beads (from Magpie Gemstones).

This necklace features multi-gemstone heishi beads, sterling silver handmade beads, and a stunning vintage Solid Sterling OM pendant. This is approx 19 inches long, including the sterling clasp.



...haven't made any jewelry in far too long.
But am excited as to where this is going....

Pectin shell heishi beads with Mother of Pearl (nugget and round) beads and a sterling silver clasp. Strung on tigertail wire, weighted for 10 pounds, and secured with double crimps on the ends. Total length is about 18 inches; including the clasp.
Complimentary earrings; also sterling silver, are just over 1 inch dangle length. 



I hate migraines.. and am thankful I don’t get them near as often anymore…