one of the underpasses near our apartment. I love the ‘cover-up’ of the graffiti… artful in itself.

Original photo taken by Kristin M. Russell, edited by me with permission.




Today was a busy day…. but a really, really good one.

First, we took ZeeZe to his new veterinarian. She is awesome! And he did really well. He went home to rest (and watch the comings and goings on at the dog park as he views it from our bed).

Then, as a belated celebration of Mother’s Day and our Anniversary… Jim and I went to Red Lobster for a fantastic meal. Then we went to Barnes & Noble, where I was able to look at lots of fantastic jewelry books (and more). Then we went to Bilbo Baggins Restaurant for a chilled glass of Chardonney and a great Baked Brie en croute ((served with mango apricot chutney and seasonal fresh fruit) before we headed back home.

Good food, good company…. great day.




I’ve been rethinking the amount and type of stuff we have in our new apartment…. and yesterday, I started going through what we have in our kitchen. We actually have quite a bit of unused cupboard space… but it still feels like I have too much. So… .I ordered some new pots & pans (haven’t had any new ones in probably 20 years)… that will replace the hodge-podge selection I currently have. I also ordered new utensils, and an instapot! So we’ll see. In the meantime… I have a large box of things to sell/ trade/ gift. It’s all good. New beginnings…




The Barnes & Noble parking lot last night… (original photo is of the trees and lot. Layer on top is one I took of the stars in my back yard in PA. Then I added an "oil paint" app, and tweaked the color a bit. )




trying to take it easy today… am hurting with back & sciatica pain. That said… I weighed myself, and have lost 11 pounds since moving here a couple weeks ago. I think it’s going up and down the stairs with ZeeZe.




….working on photos of my son and daughter. Hope to update some framed pieces I have for the apartment.




Today would have been my grandmother Appleby’s birthday. I think about her every day.



#rightNow #createDaily

And.. back on Pleasant Ave....
Windows are cleaned, walls are patched, carpet and linoleum are being selected for installation.... and the lilacs are blooming. We are doing some painting and remodeling before we list it for sale.




There is a gorgeous hedge of honeysuckle growing near the dog park. And although most of the blooms are fading.. the scent is amazing. I had good intentions of getting things done this weekend… .but ended up going to bed early, sleeping late… AND taking a long afternoon nap. Guess I was tired.

The photo at the bottom of this post, is one I took last night from the 4th floor stairwell of our building.




For some reason, I am completely exhausted. The fridge is on the fritz… and I will probably be ordering food for dinner. I think it’s a good night to watch a movie…




This afternoon I had the 3hour "tour" of the DMV here... but now I have a VA driver's license, a plate for the car... and I got a grande tea at Starbucks afterwards 🌺

Create2 (1).jpg



Today I worked on some of mom’s financials, and got things straightened away. It’s been a painful process, but I think it is one that is winding down. Just another brick in the wall?? as seen in Old Town Alexandria.




Well, we’ve been in our new apartment here for just over a week. I think on a certain level, I have been waiting ‘for the other shoe to drop.” I am not really a pessimist… truly. But, upon reflection, I think I have been in such a harsh state of stress for so long now… that my body and my mind are in a constant state of anxiety and foreboding. With this move…. I am hoping for a sort of “dead stop” to the chaos… and a time to recoup and recharge.

In light of this…. I kind of went full on, and we are now completely unpacked. Granted, nothing is where is probably will end up being…. but at least things are not in boxes and stacked around the place. I’ve gotten a new phone (the other one was causing endless problems). We ordered a new couch and it arrived yesterday. I ordered a jeweler’s bench… and it should be arriving this week. After 20years of making jewelry, I went ahead and “splurged”. And, I finally got caught up here on the blog; which I have sorely neglected.

In the next couple days, I hope to get our finances organized, address and phone updated everywhere, and look for a doctor/ dentist/ veterinarian. I need to order myself new glasses (haven’t had any in 7yrs), and hang some art on the walls. So much to do…. but taking small steps.




Today our new couch from JoyBird arrived. It is amazing. … and thankfully, a sleeper so our son doesn’t have to sleep on a futon. This weekend, I was also able to get a new phone to replace the one that has been giving me fits for over a year now. Yay! So…. new phone…. new couch….. new apartment… whoa. Things are flying!




Happy Mother’s Day! So. We had planned a totally different dinner.... but we ended up at Hawwi Ethiopian Restaurant. to celebrate the day. And WOW!!!! was it amazing. I cannot thank them enough for the delicious foods.

We chose the lentil sambusa appetizers, the "family style" dinner platter that contained Beef Alicha & Awazi Chicken tibs... and all the extras.... and then Ethiopian coffee afterwards. SO GOOD.




We are in our new place... and surrounded by boxes to unpack :) 

The sun is shining... the pup is dozing... and the radio is playing. Life is good.