#createDaily — and .. I was able to make another pair of earrings. I truly love making jewelry, and I think earrings (at least at the moment) are my favorite thing to make.




—and I was able to make a pair of earrings…. which is always fun for me. (see bottom photo).

BlackEyedSusans2 (1).jpg



I’ve been meaning to finish this set for a very long time now. It is a set I am making for a friend, to whom I owed a kindness in return. I wanted it to be quite special… and “top notch”…. So much so though, that I got lost in trying to make it harder than it needed to be. This led to fear, and procrastination… which is never a good thing. So much so… that this set has been on the ‘back burner” for far too long. Realizing this, (and feeling very guilty) I took myself in a ‘time out’. Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back (or two or three)…. and really look at something to decide what is needed (or not) and move on. After all, it truly can be re-made later to a higher standard if need be.

The beads I used were chosen because of this friend’s love of the southwest, and of Hawaii… both places they have spent fun days in. Stones featured are some incredible Southwestern Turquoise (Nevada blue/ green mixed rondelles, Arizona turquoise smaller discs and focal piece, Nacazari turquoise disc beads, some amazing red branch coral from Hawaii, Spiny oyster shell beads in all 3 colors!!! (red, orange, purple), some handmade Navajo sterling bead caps, and of course, all the wire and clasp and such are sterling wire.

The earrings are a brand new design that popped in my head after finally letting go of the process the other night. All of these are packed up and ready to go to my friend.

The set is complimentary in that all the pieces employ the same grouping of beads… but yet, are not matchy-matchy and can easily be worn alone.




—-and I am finishing up listings on Etsy, with the last of the items I had ready. (see photos below)





(another necklace I finally got listed!)

I love making unique pieces.
And beautiful pastels... are always in style.
I've used Natural Aquamarine (huge) rondelle focal and accent beads, surrounded with Keishi pearls, sterling silver handmade spacer beads, faceted Blue Sapphire rondelles, freshwater round pearls ... and lots of natural Beryl gemstone pebble beads.
This is all strung on Sterling Silver beadalon wire for durability. The ends are double crimped, and the wire has sterling wire protectors (and crimp covers).
The clasp is vintage! and is sterling silver.

Total length is about 20 inches. It drapes oh!... so ... nicely.




—and I’m finally getting around to photographing and listing some necklaces I made awhile ago, that I haven’t listed yet in my Etsy shop.


I actually made this set quite awhile ago... but am just now getting it listed. Perhaps I was just trying to keep it for myself? Who knows. .. but I love how it turned out.

Fantastic! Hubei turquoise heishi beads, stunning black coral stick beads, Bali sterling silver rounds, Onyx rondelles, and an incredible Hubei turquoise focal. All the beads are strung on Sterling silver beadalon wire for durability. It is double crimped with sterling crimps and covers, and has a sterling clasp closure.
Total length is about 20 inches in length.
Matching earrings are included. All the wire on the earrings is sterling silver as well.




— a couple more photos I took the other night when my hubby graciously took me to the bayside here in Alexandria to be near the water. I only had my phone with me…. I need to (re) learn to carry my camera with me all the time. I usually do. Anyway, not bad for a phone.

In other news… I am taking a step back a bit from being online so much. It is getting to me. I am a very empathic person, and all the chaos surrounding our current administration … and what they are doing to our country/ our world…. is … well, beyond what I can handle at the moment. I have signed up for a couple online things… one is a class… the other is a “change your life” …. empowerment/ clearing/ mediation kind of thing that gives you daily lessons…. so, I will be concentrating on that for the remainder of this week (and beyond most likely). In short… I am hoping to relax a little… clear my head…. empty this overwhelming ache in my heart….. and carry on. Let’s see how it goes…..




— another photo that I took last night on a quick trip to “the bay” here in Alexandria. I love this boat. Apparently, she is known as the “Cherry Blossom”… and is used for weddings/ events and such.




Life is hard. And (for me at least) it’s easy to become overwhelmed and discouraged by things that are going on. Poverty, politics, the ecology… it’s just … so very much. I want so badly to help, and yet there is only so much a person can do. But I try. And I get easily frustrated. …

Tonight, I was lucky and my hubby took me out for dinner, and took me on a drive to “the bay”… which is the biggest/ closest body of water here. I need the water. It’s a life-saver for me. And yes, time by the water made all the difference, and I feel a bit better about things.




Last night, I made these sweet bracelets. I’ve had these Mother of Pearl fish shaped beads forever, and have accented them with teal toned Apatite beads on one, and more green toned Apatite beads on the other. Each have a magnetic clasp, and will fit a medium sized wrist (6 1/2 - 7 inches).

I’ve been thinking of my grandmother Hopkins-Appleby a lot lately. Not sure why. I am not sure if the MOP fish shaped beads were hers that I posted earlier…. but I am sure she would approve of our dinner tonight. We often had more “European” meals like this salad when I would visit her. (celery, apples, tomatoes, grapes, eggs & cheese… ). And later, when I was taking care of her as a teen... I often tried to make meals like this for her, as I knew she would love them ( I would add toast and coffee).



I’ve lost a couple days… .what with a wonky sleep schedule. On the plus side, I’ve gone through some more stuff to potentially sell (or gift) and finished up a couple small projects.




Rose Quartz and sterling silver, double strand bracelet. Dainty, Rose Quartz and Swarovski necklace, and some not-so-matchy-matchy earrings that are a new design for me.




This long Holiday weekend, I’ve been trying to catch up on a few things… around a very wonky sleep schedule (which I can’t explain). Among the things I feel like I am ‘behind’ on, are a couple jewelry pieces I had promised to do for a friend. (photos tomorrow on that).

I also have been listing lots of things in my Ebay site….. bits and bobs that I am clearing out of my art supply and jewelry making stash that I probably will never use. Those sales have been going well, and I have a few more boxes to go through before all is said and done.

And, last but not least, I have a bunch of items that I have never listed in my Etsy shop. What with moving and all, there are a bunch of necklaces and such that I just never got around to photographing and listing. So… I will be busy this week (hopefully) getting those listed.

These were some envelopes that I made quite awhile ago, but never listed til now.