It’s been a long couple of months since I posted on my blog.

There are many reasons why I wasn’t able to… but the short version is that I was depressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. .. plus I herniated some discs in my back (again). Taking care of my mom full time, has brought on so much more than I anticipated. Add into that our complicated relationship… trying to run a full time artisan business…. taking care of my immediate family…. and well…. I cracked a bit.

I have sold my parent’s home for the estate. i organized my mom’s finances a bit better. Our son moved here to PA, and is living with us… so both our daughter and son are back home. Plus my mom, plus our fabulous pup ZeeZe… makes for cozy living in a small space. All that said… I hope this new year brings about a fresh start. Over the next several days, I will try to “catch up” with a few photos of items I made over the past couple of months, but for today… here is a digital collage I did with photographs I’ve taken.