I have my days and nights completely turned around again. Seems like this is probably going to be an issue for the rest of my life. That said…. I’ve been able to spend some quiet time here in the apt playing around with beads. I think… for this week…. I am going to concentrate on making a few necklaces.

This first necklace isn’t finished. I realized that I needed to order some wire guards and crimps, so I am waiting for them to come in. I have used Mexican Fire Opal faceted rondelle beads, Kingman Turquoise nuggets, Campitos Turquoise chip beads with flecks of Pyrite in them, and sterling silver wire/ beading wire/ spacers/ clasp. Length is about 18 inches. I picked these particular beads not only because they went well together from a color standpoint... but also because they are all mined in the Arizona/ Mexico -- gorgeous southwest areas. Both turquoise and fire opal are thought to help metaphysically on positive friendships, love/ self love, and healing of those relationships. The whole time I was making this necklace, (ironically) I was thinking about past friendships and those I love… and how important these connections are.