Well, it’s been just over a week since I started making a concentrated effort to not be online as much. Coincidentally, I also managed to get my days and nights mixed around, so my sleep schedule has been really wonky. What I’ve found, is that I have made time to watch more tv. I am actually watching a BBC series called “Vera”… and it’s really good. I’ve also been reading more, tackling some poetry books I have on my nightstand. …. and a couple books by Patti Smith. I also noted, that in place of reading endlessly off of Facebook and various news sources, I chose instead to look at art, nature and jewelry posts on Instagram.

Conclusion, I am a bit calmer and a bit less angry about life and our current administration/ government . (although that said, I have very strong opinions on our “leaders”… .and truly feel we need some sort of complete overhaul there). I will not stop learning, reading, being current, and being proactive and protesting when I can…. but I also know now, that my health, at least at the moment, is curtailing some of what I would potentially be inclined to do. It’s a hard lesson, and one I am not overly happy with…. but there are also some things I need to “catch up on”…. legal stuff and more downsizing… that I feel I need to concentrate on. I think that once I get a few of these items off my my mental “to do” list… I will feel less anxious overall, and more optimistic.

On a positive note, I am really loving our apartment. I know I was cautious about moving into an apartment situation after living in houses for about 25yrs… but the more compact space has been really good. It is significantly easier and quicker to clean, and having everything close and on one level is amazing. WE do have a small storage closer area next to our apartment … and I hope in the next few months to be able to go thru it and get rid of things. It is mostly craft stuff, some of my business stuff, and TONS of photos. My main concern was that we live on the 2nd floor… and I was concerned about the stairs (both for me, and for ZeeZe) … but we’ve both been doing well with it so far.

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