So I haven’t written a whole lot since mom passed away…

I find that I am sleeping (alot)… and not getting much of anything done. Tomorrow was going to be her internment, but the ground is frozen, so the ceremony has been postponed. Jim has had word from his workplace, and we will be moving in May to the Springfield or Alexandria Virginia area. Which brings me into a panic of thinking about what we need to sell before we move, what we will be taking with us… settling mom’s estate… perhaps selling our house… so much to do in so little time. Not the least of which is thousands of photos I want to scan into digital files so that we are not moving all the physical photos. This week, I did manage to go through all the sewing and fabric type stuff; and I’ve decided to keep it all. I may never do quilting, but I love the fabric… some of which was my grandmothers or sisters… and I can’t let go of it just yet. I am concerned that we have too much stuff for an anticipated small house/ apartment… but, I don’t know what else to do right now.