So. We spent a total of 5 days back up in Coudersport, PA… fixing up our home on Pleasant Ave. It will be listed this week. Thankfully, it already has interest, and a very solid offer… thanks to folks knowing we were there and stopping up to see the place. My true wish is just to have someone else love it and be happy there. As always, there were things that would have been nice to do (like an entire bathroom remodel)… but that just wasn’t an option for us. The good news… it’s a warm, welcoming, structurally sound home with a fantastic bit of property. It was also wonderful to see friends and family…. as well as having the opportunity to eat some incredible food, and have stimulating conversations.

And today, I woke from the comfort of my own bed (and pillows… which are wonderful). Zeeze is happily snoring at my feet, and life is good. We are very grateful.