Photo taken this am of my fabulous pup having some naps and dreams… and my submission for my daily “createDaily” project.


I have to admit though… that I am so incredibly overwrought. I just.... can't...watch any more news today. That, coupled with the rantings of some really "uninformed or willfully stubborn?" folks on my FB feed who still believe we don't have gun/ hate/ racism issues here in the US. I am just so incredibly angry/sad/depressed/ frustrated/ fed up/ gutted/ incredulous/exasperated/ infuriated/ demoralized/discouraged/ disheartened …with both my country and my fellow man right now. Where do we go from here?.....

I fight, I write… I vote… I still feel powerless.

So. A dear friend suggested I need to back away for a bit, and concentrate on doing more art. She’s probably right.

Someone asked me once, how do I come up with so many ideas for y jewelry? I’ve been making jewelry since 1997, and I have to admit, I haven’t had a “block” yet . Perhaps I am just really, really lucky…. but I find inspiration is practically everywhere I look. Oftentimes, I am inspired by nature.

The other night I was getting groceries… and was inspired by the flowers in the shop. I took a photo (see below). Those colors inspired me to think of gemstones in a similar color palette… (which also led to some suggestions of stones from a friend)… which led to the necklace I a currently working on …