8-8-19 --Bonus


I've never tried to make pho... and to be honest, only have had it once. But I tried! This one is a pork version. I looked at several different recipes online, and combined what seemed to be the consensus into one recipe...
I cooked the pork loin with onions and a few spices in the Instapot (40 minutes on pressure cook). And, I cooked the traditional noodles separately, at the last minute after soaking them for an hour.
The base is: Miso broth(I used 2 cartons of organic Miso broth from the store), a few veggies I had (squash, scallions and peppers). I added Chinese 5 spice, lemongrass, cilantro, ginger, salt, Fish sauce, cinnamon, and Thai chili paste.
Once the pork was done, I added it to my broth which had been simmering for a couple hours. 
To serve: I added my freshly cooked noodles to the bottom of each bowl, and ladled generous portions of the the broth/ meat/ blend on top.
UPDATE: To me, it needed more Thai Chili sauce.. so I added a generous dollop to my bowl.