— a couple more photos I took the other night when my hubby graciously took me to the bayside here in Alexandria to be near the water. I only had my phone with me…. I need to (re) learn to carry my camera with me all the time. I usually do. Anyway, not bad for a phone.

In other news… I am taking a step back a bit from being online so much. It is getting to me. I am a very empathic person, and all the chaos surrounding our current administration … and what they are doing to our country/ our world…. is … well, beyond what I can handle at the moment. I have signed up for a couple online things… one is a class… the other is a “change your life” …. empowerment/ clearing/ mediation kind of thing that gives you daily lessons…. so, I will be concentrating on that for the remainder of this week (and beyond most likely). In short… I am hoping to relax a little… clear my head…. empty this overwhelming ache in my heart….. and carry on. Let’s see how it goes…..