As you know, we are having some much needed work done on the house.

We hired local contractors, who have power-washed the outside. Then they patched and scraped, and painted the first coat. White in the peaks, and a cool grey/green on the bottom. The cinder block wall has been re-enforced, and will be painted a battleship grey. The steps will be fixed, and will be painted that same grey, along with the deck. There was a random metal pole in the yard, that has been removed. There is a new vintage style screen door now on the front of the house. Once things are done, I hope to paint the front door a bright and cheerful color, and work on the plants/ yard.

HomeImprovements (1).jpg

So. How did I get the inspiration for the color? I love old books and maps, and had a beat-up antique atlas album that I had found at a yard sale. Going through the legend, I discovered that I really liked the colors they used for the key to one map, dated 1880. The red-orange on the map was the same as the brick on our houseā€¦ so I went with one of the darker shades of green/blue/ grey for the main part of the house, and a crisp antique white for the top and the trim.

HomeImprovements2 (1).jpg