This year we decided to let our gardens go fallow… and have been amazed at what has decided to grow. In the spring we had tons of wild lettuce, purslane and watercress…. along with chives and mint and lemon balm. In the summer, we had an explosion of calendula, bee balm, and yarrow. Now… we have goldenrod, wild rose hips, asters, and bottle gentian. In the (fallow) veggie garden, we’ve been surprised with a few cherry tomatoes… and even some squash blossoms. One of the biggest/ tallest plants that have come up… is a sturdy looking “weed” called Purple stemmed Beggartick. (I had to look it up). I still am in the process of seeing if it has any medicinal properties… but it’s been quite interesting to see what nature has supplied for us.

YardCollage-Signed (1).jpg