I’ve been meaning to finish this set for a very long time now. It is a set I am making for a friend, to whom I owed a kindness in return. I wanted it to be quite special… and “top notch”…. So much so though, that I got lost in trying to make it harder than it needed to be. This led to fear, and procrastination… which is never a good thing. So much so… that this set has been on the ‘back burner” for far too long. Realizing this, (and feeling very guilty) I took myself in a ‘time out’. Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back (or two or three)…. and really look at something to decide what is needed (or not) and move on. After all, it truly can be re-made later to a higher standard if need be.

The beads I used were chosen because of this friend’s love of the southwest, and of Hawaii… both places they have spent fun days in. Stones featured are some incredible Southwestern Turquoise (Nevada blue/ green mixed rondelles, Arizona turquoise smaller discs and focal piece, Nacazari turquoise disc beads, some amazing red branch coral from Hawaii, Spiny oyster shell beads in all 3 colors!!! (red, orange, purple), some handmade Navajo sterling bead caps, and of course, all the wire and clasp and such are sterling wire.

The earrings are a brand new design that popped in my head after finally letting go of the process the other night. All of these are packed up and ready to go to my friend.

The set is complimentary in that all the pieces employ the same grouping of beads… but yet, are not matchy-matchy and can easily be worn alone.