After several nights of having a really fast heart rate, I am tired. I am thinking that I am probably having runs of PAT, which I had when I was pregnant with my son. In my case, at least, it was caused by a weak mitral valve… .so I am thinking that is what is going on now… coupled of course, by some weird stomach flu. That said… I felt things “turn for the better” overall last evening, so today I am taking it easy.

Today my son is getting out of the hospital, and I am concerned for him… as he has no place to go, no job, no phone, no car, etc. But I have to trust that he will be alright, and work on what he wants to do with his life. I am so proud of him for being the wonderful person he is.

We are getting my mom’s house ready to sell. There are just a few things that need taken care of… and I hope to get them done this week. Jim continues to love his new job…. and the daughter loves her work. She too, has been having health issues…. and like me, is doing her best to get her health back on track. And then there is ZeeZe, who has learned to go outside (off leash) and stay in the yard! He is so smart, and so wonderful.

The work on our house is almost completed .. .ie: outside painting, fixing of the stairs, and such. I still need to ready all the garden beds for winter, take care of the compost bins, etc. But we are getting there. I am very grateful to a local guy who is taking care of our brush pile for us.

And of course, I continue to be full-time caregiver for my mom; while trying to find time for my own art business. In short, things have been in great chaos. But it’s all good. And for today… in spite of all that needs to be done… I am concentrating on finishing a book that is due at our local library, and getting some much needed rest. See you all tomorrow.