The past few days, I’ve been working on organizing our new apartment. I’m not even close to being done… but wanted to share with you what I have done so far….


First, and foremost… was the kitchen. I ended up getting rid of probably half of what I had in there. I bought 4 new pots & pans (with lids) from Cephalon. I have wanted them for a long time… and not having bought anything new in probably 20years… it was time. I got rid of all my other ones… except for 3 cast iron pans that were my grandmothers. The dishes I narrowed down considerably. I also bought an Instapot off of Amazon, so I was able to get rid of all other items except for the toaster, and the air popper. We still have a couple cupboards that are essentially empty… and I like it that way. On top of the cupboards are my pieces of uranium glass… and a couple things I love. I am waiting on plate racks, and then I will set them up a bit better.


This apartment has 1 3/4 bathrooms… with the 3/4 bathroom being for the master bedroom. I love it. Clean and bright…. still has lots of potential storage should I need it.


Closets. There is a linen closet that I have organized with my quilts ( as well as bed linens and towels). Then there is the hall/ coat closet. We currently have the vacuum in there as well… a crate of hats and scarves, and some afghans.

In short, I’ve been paring down some more… and it feels right.