First of all... thank you. 
Thank you for the over 150 birthday wishes <3
Thank you for supporting me, and encouraging me... and caring about me. Oh... and Happy Earth Day <3



UPDATE: so. We fell in LIKE with the first place we saw, and have applied for it. It's not perfect, but it checks most all of the boxes for us.... pet friendly, centrally located, as affordable as we can, near the metro stops...

It's a 2 bedroom, 1000 square feet of living space... and we are hoping for an additional storage unit... just in case. It's on the 2nd floor with a small balcony. The complex has a gym and pool/ hot tub, a pet park.... and lots of nice landscaping.

We celebrated by having lunch at Murphy’s Grand Irish Pub, Old Town (fantastic!).Then we walked through a portion of Old Town, and stopped for art at the Torpedo Factory Art Center. This happened to be right on the waterfront of the Potomac... hence the photo. 



I love this tree. I've called her the "witch tree" ever since we first saw this place. She's been struck by lightening a couple of times, and is split in 3 sections. Her leaves always turn the most amazing reds in fall. I will miss her dearly....