I feel as though I have been sick forever. .. it’s frustrating.

On the other hand, it has given me time to rest, heal, and reflect. I’ve been doing lots of thinking… and while I’ve been mostly ‘down’ and physically inactive… I have been reading several books on releasing and letting go… on cell memory…. on healing your body from within, etc. and it’s been very enlightening and calming in many ways.



It’s been raining like crazy….. here is the view out the sliding doors to our little balcony.



Went to the mall! Had a late lunch, looked at some clothing... got a massage <3 Then went to Barnes & Noble. There's some pretty cool lighting in the JCPenney shops here...



ZeeZe truly, madly, deeply.... loves the dog park 💙
(and he has a flirtation going on with the cutest little corgi)



Dinner! ... a really thick steak that my son got at the store... and a rice dish I did in the new Instapot!
(rice, fresh tomatoes, diced celery, corn, peppers, a large diced onion, cumin, sage, pepper, salt, garlic)




So… after fighting off the “crud”…. I got it last night in full force. ewwww.

Fortunately, I have lovely flowers and fresh groceries. The daughter is off exploring… and it’s all good.




When I was young, I used to visit lots of the ‘older” folks from our church and help them with small tasks. One of the people I loved to visit with was Ruth Barrie. She had an amazing olde English flower garden. And while she certainly didn’t need any help… I am forever grateful that she allowed me to come, learn, and dig in her beds. One of the flowers she had in abundance, was foxglove. I was so surprised to see it the other evening at a local Home Depot.