I feel as though I am dying… in millimeters… daily… and no one else sees it.

In the past few days, I have cleared out half of my clothing… gifted my stuffed bunnies and all but one of my dolls ( I kept a 1950s BKW Ginny doll that I adore)… all my dvds, lots of knick-knacks… and such. It is in (part) response to there being 5 people and a cute pup living in a very small home… and part because … well, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Apparently I am the one who has “the most stuff” therefor, I am the one who has to get rid of my stuff to allow others space to live. (which is only right).

I’ve been begging for help with the photos (transferring them to digital files) for 5years now. If it’s not done by spring… they are gone. No one seems to care about them but me anyway. Same with all the memorabilia… sewing stuff…. and collage materials. I’ve already gifted all my sticks, stones, raw/natural decor materials…. as well as a HUGE amount of books. I will either fix or trash all the ripped quilts and blankets in the next couple of months.



It is cold out today.


I am glad that I went and purchased some “deer corn” and birdseed the other day; I can’t imagine having to forage around in this bitter wind to look for food. I guess there is also a silver lining to my not taking care of all the stalks of “weeds” et all in our fallow gardens…. as now there is extra seed and leaves to be had.

Today is the OPEN HOUSE even for our local “Christmas House” organization. They provide assistance with heating bills, etc to the needy in the area; as well as gifting toys, clothes and household items to folks during the holidays. For the past couple of years I have made crocheted scarves and donated them. See photo below for this year’s stash of goodies :)



Today was an extremely rough (emotionally) day, as I was dealing with an ugly situation on behalf of my mom. Long story short, is that there are many folks on this planet who are angry, bitter, twisted human beings, who do selfish things #inthenameofChrist/ religion/ faith… and it’s disturbing. Not that Christians are exempt from being asshats… but you’d think they’d have a bit more compassion and understanding given the tenants of their supposed faith. It would be like having an English teacher who couldn’t spell, or a car mechanic that refused to acknowledge that vehicles need gas. It just doesn’t compute…

thankfully, there is nature to behold



I get out and about probably once every couple of weeks .. usually… once a month. It’s difficult, because my mom usually won’t let a male take care of her… and so I need to be around most all of the time. My daughter can help, and is willing… but she works such long hours… that the few she is home, I don’t want to conflict with her potential sleep/ rest time.

Today, however, I got out and about for a couple hours…. which consisted of running a bazillion errands. I got deer corn and birdseed from the conservation district offices. I dropped off some jewelry I had made to a customer and delivered a gift to my great niece. I picked up a box from a friend. I went to the bank. I went to the grocery store. I dropped off a bunch of things to Goodwill. I donated/ delivered a whole bunch of rosary rings (45 of them) to the local Catholic Church to gift to people over the holidays. I got the 1 bag of garbage, and the gazillion bags of recycling taken care of. And, I got some important papers of my mom’s taken care of.

Anyway… home now… very tired… but content that I got a bunch of things done.

See you all tomorrow.




It’s Monday. The house is cleaned, vacuumed, swept, laundry (in process), plants watered, dishes are done… dinner is fixed. Mom’s room has been cleaned, bed stripped and linen’s freshly applied. She got a shower, shave, shampoo, lotion, et all… and is now eating a wonderful dinner of mashed potatoes, roasted ham, and green beans… and a chocolate truffle for dessert. Tonight she has absolutely no idea where she is… although for the first time in a week, she actually knows who I am.

In the midst of all this… Jim took ZeeZe out to pee… and he took off. After a crazy search, the little man brought himself home (after a mad run to the park down the hill and back… we presume). He, also, got a quick bath, and as I was drying him off… he had a coughing fit that led to a short seizure. This is his second one. I worry so for my little man… he is so wonderful, caring and perfect. I just want him to be healthy and happy….

I think I have pneumonia. I’ve had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks… and the past few days have had trouble keeping my oxygen levels up. Today I almost passed out taking a photo in the gardens… and banged up my foot. >>sigh<<

For the first time in over 20years of owning my own business, I have spent more on supplies et all than I have made (of course, the year isn’t out yet… but still). This has been a very rough year for me, and I find it increasingly difficult to carve out studio time … which means… sales are down. I have taken this as an opportunity to build up my supplies…. getting more things thing year than I probably have in the past 7years combined. I do believe that in the long run… it is a good choice… but it is frustrating from my standpoint.

And it’s Veteran’s Day. Between my extended family and my hubby’s family… we have military personnel in every generation going back to the Civil War. We need peace. As a county, as a country… as a human race. I am truly hoping we get there.



Rounding out the week with even MORE books I’ve read….

If you click on the book titles, it will give you the link to the book online.

  1. The Complete Formulary of Magical Oils

  2. The Lost Book of Remedies

  3. Medicinal Herbs : A Beginner’s Guide

  4. The Illustrated Herbiary

These are all all pretty fantastic. I had hesitated on getting “The Lost Book of Remedies”, because, frankly, it was advertised in a way that made it look fanatical. That said… it’s actually probably, the best herb book I own.

7 Steps to Optimal Health. I was asked to read this book and write a review (more on that later). It’s short… and looks to be self published. It would certainly have benefited from the critical eye of an editor. Wasn’t that impressed overall.

6. Every Frenchman Has One by Olivia de Haviland. This was probably really cute when it was published in 1962.

7. America’s Forgotten Folk Arts by Fred Fields. This is really good. Lots of great vintage photographs and details about circus life, traveling carnivals, et all

8. Together We Rise — the Women’s March

9. Nasty Women: Feminism, Resistance, and Revolution in Trump's America

10 Radical Hope

These last 3 books… I read in anticipation of the midterm voting sessions. They are optimistic, thoughtful, well written.. . and perfect for those despairing about life in these trying times.



yes, there is more….

If you click on the book titles, it will give you the link to the book online.

  1. A Wild Swan by Michael Cunningham. Fairy tales at their finest.

  2. Crystal Prescriptions by Judy Hall. The way this book is laid out, it makes it reallye asy to find stones to use for specific issues.

  3. West Wind by Mary Oliver. As always, her poetry is brilliant

  4. Selected Poems: 1946-2006 by Donald Hall. He passed away recently, and this is a selction of his work that he assembled himself.

  5. The Almost Moon by Alice Sebold. Any book that starts off with the main character murdering her nasty mother… is great in my book.

  6. Bead Meets Metal by Kay Rashka. Jewelry making book. Very well put together, and great projects.

  7. Day of the Dead by Russ Thorne. I love the holiday, and this is a great collection of historical facts, photographs, art and more.

  8. BadAss your Brand by Pra Silva. This was highly recommended to me, and frankly, I didn’t like it at all.

  9. The Probably Future by Alice Hoffman. Another little twister by Ms. Hoffman.

  10. The SIck Bag Song by Nick Cave. Simply brilliant.



Now here, is where it gets interesting. Monday and Tuesday I covered a couple of book series I have been reading this year… now we move on to the literal hodge-podge assortment of books I’ve also read…. If you click on the book titles, it will give you the link to the book online.

  1. Dr. Mutter’s Marvels by Cristin Aptowitz — really good. I’ve been to the Mutter’s Museum, and it’s fantastic.

  2. Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman. Love this author, although she does have a few that I am not fond of. This one, however, is classic.

  3. Haiku: A Special Edition - I adore Haiku, and read lots of Haiku themed books. I can’t find this one though to put in a link.

  4. Gypsy Folk Medicine by Wanja Van Hausen. Having ancestry to the Romany people, I love it.

  5. Healing Crystals and Gemstones by Bohmer. Good information, but fairly basic.

  6. The Madeline Project by Clara Beaudeauz. A girl finds a treasure trove of stuff in her basement storage in France. Very cool.

  7. The Essential Guide to Crystals by Simon and Sue Lilly. Great reference book.

  8. -10. The Crystal Bible — Editions 1, 2 3 by Judy Hall. Ms. Hall is definitely the authority for so many folks on the meanings and such behind various crystals. Her series is a ‘must have’ when working with stones, minerals and crystals.



ah… the next 10 (or so)…

I love Martin Walker’s “Bruno, Chief of Police” series. Set in France, it is a feast for the eyes in many ways. Of course, the mysteries are good… but it’s all the rich details about living in France that make me come back time after time.

  1. Bruno, Chief of Police/ Death in Dordogne

  2. The Dark Vineyard

  3. Black Diamond

  4. The Crowded Grave

  5. The Devil’s Cave

  6. The Resistance Man

  7. The Children Return

  8. The Patriarch

  9. Fatal Pursuit — I got stalled on this one for a long while. Not sure why…

  10. The Templar’s Last Secret — working on now.

  11. A Taste for Vengeance — not yet read

  12. The Body in the Castle Well — not yet read

**Plus, in looking these up… I discovered that Mr. Walker wrote 3 short novels available only in kindle editions. They are: Bruno and the Carol Singers, The Chocolate War, and A Market Tale… so I will have to look for those sometime.

***Plus… there is a cookbook that I am dying to get my hands on. Currently though, it is only available in German. According to his website, American publication houses have not been interested in producing an English translation… which I personally think… is a CRIME.

Read short summaries here on Goodreads



I realize that my daily blog postings have been less than cough daily…. but … life has been chaotic.

I won’t go into detail… at least not now. It did occur to me though, that I haven’t posted about the books I’ve been reading either in a long while… so this week I hope to catch up on at least most of that. (Last postings were HERE and HERE)

Book series by Elly Griffiths

  1. The Crossing Place

  2. The Janus Stone

  3. The House at Sea’s End

  4. A Room Full of Bones

  5. A Dying Fall

  6. The Outcast Dead

  7. The Ghost Fields

  8. The Woman in Blue

  9. The Chalk Pit — working on this one

  10. The Dark Angel — need to read this one.

I love this series. Her main character, an archaeologist/ professor Dr. Ruth Galloway .. is complex and relate-able. I love the mysteries… her friends… everything about these books.

You can read short summaries about each of these books HERE on Goodreads.

More tomorrow!



This weekend, I made a couple of jewelry pieces as a donation. Our local library has a GALA event once a year, and takes in items to sell as a fundraiser. Plus, they have a fabulous dinner. It’s wonderful. Here are my (two) items.

Earrings: Campitos Turquoise, faceted Amethyst, and sterling silver in my own take on a modern hoop design. Total length is about 1 1/4 inches.

Necklace: Campitos turquoise, rich Amethyst, and stunning Lapis Lazuli. I have accented these beads with sterling silver and Bali silver beads. Total length is about 18 inches.

LibraryGala-Earrings1 (1).jpg


so, the new herb rack I ordered came, but it was soldered crookedly… so I had to send it back. That said… I have most of the herbs taken care of, and safely tucked into new jars with labels. It makes me happy to finally get this done.

I still have some herbs to harvest from the yard/ garden… but if I don’t get it done before it frosts.. .it will be ok.

In other “news”… the daughter and I scavenged grape vines from the abandoned yard next door… and made some fantastic old-witchy-style stars for the front window. I think they are awesome…. and am very happy with how they turned out.



It's been a long time coming....

I am in the process of combining my (usual) spices and my (not so) usual apothecary supplies. I've ordered a wall rack online... and it's not here yet. But ... I'm working today on putting things into jars and labeling.
What do you keep in your cabinets?

course… I could just be making a mess.

Herbs (1).jpg


This week I have been trying to harvest some of the herbs that have been growing in our fallow gardens. I have gotten chives, & parsley, and wild plantain and bone set. Today I gathered some bittersweet nightshade.



House clean, laundry being washed. Dishes done. Compost out. Garbage taken care of.

Herbs harvested and drying (this is plantain below))….

and the last of my parent’s papers being burned. It’s taken so long to get them all gone through.. but it’s finally done.



Some days are really hard. Emotionally and spiritually… things can get so mucked up, intertwined… and awful. I am just as sensitive as others when it comes to this sort of thing, and being more empathic…. perhaps even worse than some. Having PTSD also really effects it all…. and even though I’ve had years of counseling regarding this, it still rears its ugly head. Because of this, I try to remember to b-r-e-a-t-h-e …. and I try not to have any expectations of getting anything more accomplished than the minimum. If you too are having issues…. please remember that no one is perfect. No one is super-human. You are enough.



So here's the deal.

We have a great friend in Bryan Welsh. He runs the bookshop Hidden Passages Books And Lore. This weekend, we helped him move a bunch of his inventory to his new location, at Northern Tier Trading Companyon Route6 West next to Coudersport Fox's Pizza Den
I mention this because:
a: his bookstore is amazing
b. books are awesome
c. it's important to help your friends. Life is short. Connections are crucial. People can be incredible. Given the opportunity, why wouldn't you help your friends and neighbors?!

Check out his page HERE