It’s Monday. The house is cleaned, vacuumed, swept, laundry (in process), plants watered, dishes are done… dinner is fixed. Mom’s room has been cleaned, bed stripped and linen’s freshly applied. She got a shower, shave, shampoo, lotion, et all… and is now eating a wonderful dinner of mashed potatoes, roasted ham, and green beans… and a chocolate truffle for dessert. Tonight she has absolutely no idea where she is… although for the first time in a week, she actually knows who I am.

In the midst of all this… Jim took ZeeZe out to pee… and he took off. After a crazy search, the little man brought himself home (after a mad run to the park down the hill and back… we presume). He, also, got a quick bath, and as I was drying him off… he had a coughing fit that led to a short seizure. This is his second one. I worry so for my little man… he is so wonderful, caring and perfect. I just want him to be healthy and happy….

I think I have pneumonia. I’ve had bronchitis for almost 2 weeks… and the past few days have had trouble keeping my oxygen levels up. Today I almost passed out taking a photo in the gardens… and banged up my foot. >>sigh<<

For the first time in over 20years of owning my own business, I have spent more on supplies et all than I have made (of course, the year isn’t out yet… but still). This has been a very rough year for me, and I find it increasingly difficult to carve out studio time … which means… sales are down. I have taken this as an opportunity to build up my supplies…. getting more things thing year than I probably have in the past 7years combined. I do believe that in the long run… it is a good choice… but it is frustrating from my standpoint.

And it’s Veteran’s Day. Between my extended family and my hubby’s family… we have military personnel in every generation going back to the Civil War. We need peace. As a county, as a country… as a human race. I am truly hoping we get there.