I get out and about probably once every couple of weeks .. usually… once a month. It’s difficult, because my mom usually won’t let a male take care of her… and so I need to be around most all of the time. My daughter can help, and is willing… but she works such long hours… that the few she is home, I don’t want to conflict with her potential sleep/ rest time.

Today, however, I got out and about for a couple hours…. which consisted of running a bazillion errands. I got deer corn and birdseed from the conservation district offices. I dropped off some jewelry I had made to a customer and delivered a gift to my great niece. I picked up a box from a friend. I went to the bank. I went to the grocery store. I dropped off a bunch of things to Goodwill. I donated/ delivered a whole bunch of rosary rings (45 of them) to the local Catholic Church to gift to people over the holidays. I got the 1 bag of garbage, and the gazillion bags of recycling taken care of. And, I got some important papers of my mom’s taken care of.

Anyway… home now… very tired… but content that I got a bunch of things done.

See you all tomorrow.