I feel as though I am dying… in millimeters… daily… and no one else sees it.

In the past few days, I have cleared out half of my clothing… gifted my stuffed bunnies and all but one of my dolls ( I kept a 1950s BKW Ginny doll that I adore)… all my dvds, lots of knick-knacks… and such. It is in (part) response to there being 5 people and a cute pup living in a very small home… and part because … well, it just doesn’t matter anymore. Apparently I am the one who has “the most stuff” therefor, I am the one who has to get rid of my stuff to allow others space to live. (which is only right).

I’ve been begging for help with the photos (transferring them to digital files) for 5years now. If it’s not done by spring… they are gone. No one seems to care about them but me anyway. Same with all the memorabilia… sewing stuff…. and collage materials. I’ve already gifted all my sticks, stones, raw/natural decor materials…. as well as a HUGE amount of books. I will either fix or trash all the ripped quilts and blankets in the next couple of months.