I realize that my daily blog postings have been less than cough daily…. but … life has been chaotic.

I won’t go into detail… at least not now. It did occur to me though, that I haven’t posted about the books I’ve been reading either in a long while… so this week I hope to catch up on at least most of that. (Last postings were HERE and HERE)

Book series by Elly Griffiths

  1. The Crossing Place

  2. The Janus Stone

  3. The House at Sea’s End

  4. A Room Full of Bones

  5. A Dying Fall

  6. The Outcast Dead

  7. The Ghost Fields

  8. The Woman in Blue

  9. The Chalk Pit — working on this one

  10. The Dark Angel — need to read this one.

I love this series. Her main character, an archaeologist/ professor Dr. Ruth Galloway .. is complex and relate-able. I love the mysteries… her friends… everything about these books.

You can read short summaries about each of these books HERE on Goodreads.

More tomorrow!