ah… the next 10 (or so)…

I love Martin Walker’s “Bruno, Chief of Police” series. Set in France, it is a feast for the eyes in many ways. Of course, the mysteries are good… but it’s all the rich details about living in France that make me come back time after time.

  1. Bruno, Chief of Police/ Death in Dordogne

  2. The Dark Vineyard

  3. Black Diamond

  4. The Crowded Grave

  5. The Devil’s Cave

  6. The Resistance Man

  7. The Children Return

  8. The Patriarch

  9. Fatal Pursuit — I got stalled on this one for a long while. Not sure why…

  10. The Templar’s Last Secret — working on now.

  11. A Taste for Vengeance — not yet read

  12. The Body in the Castle Well — not yet read

**Plus, in looking these up… I discovered that Mr. Walker wrote 3 short novels available only in kindle editions. They are: Bruno and the Carol Singers, The Chocolate War, and A Market Tale… so I will have to look for those sometime.

***Plus… there is a cookbook that I am dying to get my hands on. Currently though, it is only available in German. According to his website, American publication houses have not been interested in producing an English translation… which I personally think… is a CRIME.

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