Funny how things work out.
Sometimes the best laid plans... are just that... plans. 
And the universe has another scenario it's waiting to have play out on your stage. 

Heaven knows I didn't plan on getting sick or losing so much time trying to get better.
But it's the nature of it... and perhaps in the whole scheme of things, it's been good.
One of the things we did manage to do, was go through some of the stuff we'd still had packed from our move here  almost 3yrs ago... and I have had a renewed sense of urgency to unload and clear out things we really don't need to be hanging on to. ... to fix up some of the things we have in order to sell them... and to organize the things we intend to keep, so that we can access them and actually use them to our best advantage. It's all about streamlining... lightening our load... and making the best use of what we have. 
It is with trepidation, that I have canceled my participation in shows for the remainder of the year...
For now, I will be concentrating on selling my work online, out of my studio space, and at my friend's place over in Germania, PA.
I think, that now is the time to reorganize and concentrate on making the best artwork that I am able to
... and concentrate on building my skills and honing my craft. 
After all, who knows what the future will bring.

See you all tomorrow.