ah... the folly of it all.
Just when you think you've put your eyes on every book in the house, and made the tough decisions of what stays and what goes.... 
your daughter finds 2 more large boxes of books in her room.
Fiction. Tons of them. Discovered last night.

So now, I have a stack (pictured above) of about 80 fiction books (there's 2 more on my nightstand) to read, skim, keep or toss. 
Actually... I think once I give them a try, I will most likely pass them all on to someone else rather than keep them... 
as we just don't have the shelf room. 
But alas. ... and >>sigh<<
I am my father's daughter.

See you all tomorrow...
(the photo below is an excerpt from a comic.... I love it... cuz hey... bunnies.)