It's "Maker Monday" here... my weekly post where I show something the daughter or I have been working on;
and encourage the maker lifestyle.

Today is the first day I've been mostly upright, since starting some new meds.
It's been rough.... and consequently, I haven't gotten much of anything done.
That said.... the daughter built some make-shift bookshelves in our kitchen this week, with a little direction from me... and it is awesome. We have about 26 boxes of books that we have never unpacked from moving here; and they've been languishing in our basement. They've survived a couple floods down there; a chipmunk invasion, a nesting of snakes... and well... who knows what else. And we've decided that be it good or bad, it's time to go through them... keep what we absolutely love, and unload the rest.

We've unpacked about half of the boxes. Most are on the shelves you see here; and then there are 2 boxes of books that are already designated to go... and 2 more of office books that Jim needs to go through. In the meantime though, most of the books on the new shelves are art books that the daughter and I need to go through.

The other thing we did this week, was harvest our squash from the garden.
We picked about 10 or so turban squash (some of them are really small) and about 10 or so acorn squash... hence the basket in the top photo. It's amazing, really, how much produce we've gotten from a relatively small garden. And it is good.

See you all tomorrow.