for the weekend

It's the weekend! Because I've been so sick this month, I decided that perhaps an interesting post for this weekend would be to share some of the movies I've watched these past few weeks...

* Rock the Kasbah - Bill Murray. Suprisingly good.
* Volver - very interesting tale... beautifully shot.
* Pawn Sacrifice - this is about Bobby Fisher. I have no idea how accurate it is, but it was interesting.
* Blue Jasmine - just horrible. No likeable characters here.
* La Dolce Vita - an older movie from the 60s. Personally, I didn't like it at all.
* Trumbo - really good. Great cast. Great story, and a glimpse into a time I know nothing about.
* Hello, My Name is Doris - cute. And I love Sally Field.
* I Heart Huckabees - weird. One of those movies that you think about later and wonder if you really understood it at all. Great cast.
* The Lady in the Van  - Dame Maggie Smith, plays a tortured character. Pretty cool.
* Bunny and the Bull - so strange. I think there was probably a good story in there somewhere.
* Jupiter Ascending - don't bother, unless you just like Channing Tatum.
Another Earth - again. Weird, and horrible. Don't. Just don't.
* Eye in the Sky - I got this because I love Helen Mirren and Alan Rickman... but I couldn't finish it.
* Legend - about the Kray brothers; London mobsters. Sad, but good.
* Dear Eleanor - lighthearted (for the most part) fluff.
* The Notorious Betty Page - not sure how accurate it is, but it was hopelessly devoid of emotion... which was actually the most unsettling part of it all.
The Driftless Area - again. Could have been a great story... but it just felt flat.
* Get Low - great story. Beautifully photographed. Great cast. But miscast as a dark comedy? wasn't funny at all.
* Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - got on a whim... and it's fantastic. This is apparently a series currently still in production, out of Australia. Fabulous. Highly recommend.

Well, there you have it.
I hope you all have a great remainder to your weekend, and I will see you all back here on Monday.

((The photo for today's post is another mandala print I did. It is from the same series of photos I took this week of my burning bush plant outside, but I altered the color schemes and patterning quite a bit)).