It's "Maker Monday!" 
... my series of posts where I feature something the daughter or I are working on, 
and encourage the maker lifestyle.

One of the things I have been saving for several years, are broken old dishes and shards of broken glass in all varieties. I know. On the surface, it probably seems strange... but in the past, I have used these bits for jewelry making.... as well as for mixed media projects and mosaic pieces.

This weekend, the daughter and I went through a couple large tubs of broken glass, and saved what we could of the more interesting pieces. And while it seems tedious, it is all the process of recycling what we can, and using things into new pieces; instead of filling up the landfill.

I also went through some of the raw stones I have, to see what would be better off tumbled and wire-wrapped, what would be great for display around the house, and what could be cut and used as cabochons for jewelry.
Among the stash, was this gorgeous fossilized bit of fern on shale.
It was broken and rough, having been found locally...
but I managed to smooth the edges and form it into a free-form cab.
I can't wait to set it... and this the new adventure begins....

see you all tomorrow.