Remember the post where I had discovered more fiction books and was lamenting how to get through them all? 
Well, I've finished 5 more... which brings my current total to 13 books out of the 82 or so that I have read.

This week, I went through the following:
*  Tulipomania by Mike Dash- I love flowers. But, this was a long and VERY thorough history of tulips. To be honest, I was bored.
*  Short Stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald - I didn't read the whole book (It's huge). But I did read several of the stories, including: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (which frankly, I didn't realize he had written) and The Lost Decade (about a man who goes on a bender for 10 yrs and comes back to society). Eh. I didn't realize how "iconic" F. Scott and his wife Zelda were to the whole 20s time frame. But I can see where the couple typifies a certain part of that culture, and I give him credit for writing about what he knew.... I'm just not convinced that I relate to it, or like it.
*  Life of Pi by Yann Martel -- beautifully written, but I must say, I liked the movie just as well.

*  --and I skimmed 2 books by Lama Surya Das, Awakening to the Sacred and Awakening the Buddha Within. To be honest, they were much more "technical" and wordy than I anticipated them being, and although I had looked forward to reading them, I just couldn't do it. They reminded me too much of college textbooks to be enjoyable.

So... I still have about 70 books in the stacks to go through.... 
and will do another post when I get a few done.
See you all tomorrow.