Yesterday and today, I have been working on a couple of things...
One is a new mandala, made from a photo of autumn crocus and fall leaves (above)...
and the other is a new piece of jewelry made with PMC.

PMC (precious metal clay) is a product that when fired, becomes 99.9% fine silver...
which means it contains a higher amount of silver than even sterling silver.
It is durable, beautiful, and amazing.

For this pendant piece, I formed the clay into the shape of a tiny leaf from my yard, and then pressed a fern frond into it (also from my yard) to form the textured design on the front. I have added texture to the back of the piece as well, so that it's interesting on both sides. I have also intentionally "crinkled" it to mimic a leaf floating in the wind.

After firing, cleaning and polishing this piece, I then wire wrapped tiny REAL EMERALD faceted beads for a dangle on the front. Completing this is a textured sterling chain and magnetic clasp.

I am so in love with the work I am doing right now.
See you all tomorrow.