You know, life -- it's a funny thing.
When we moved back here, I had such awesome hopes. I joined in the local art community, and was an instrumental part of starting a local cooperative of artisans.... and setting up a place where we could sell our work, gather and enjoy the arts, and help build each other up. But things happen.... people change, and things didn't go as initially planned.
And even though I had so very much time, effort and love invested... I left.
During that time, I also joined a couple "bigger" groups... whose intention was to support PA artisans and help promote their work. They offered shows, galleries, shops and events to showcase and feature those artisans whose juried work was befitting a level of accomplishment worthy of venues such as they provided. They were set-up to be "selective"  ... and it was a "big deal" to be a member.
I couldn't do shows this year because of financial and health issues... and now... Things have changed. Things were restructured...
In the meantime, I had been promoting events and artisans in the area online. There was a niche to fill.... and what had been available previously wasn't providing local artisans and shops the arena they needed for folks to see their work. So I created an online presence to do that.... and worked 5 days a week to promote folks (for free). I did it... with the thought of not only promoting local artisans, but my fellow artisans in the juried groups that I belonged to. Now things have been restructured to the point that it is prohibitive for me to still be in the groups that I have worked to promote.
It seems like everything I have worked so hard on for the past 3yrs has inevitably grown to the point,
 and changed to the point... of phasing me out. 
And I feel lost... and betrayed. 

((the photo for today's post is one of my original photographs, that made into a mandala design last night))