It's "Maker Monday!" 
... my series of posts where I feature something the daughter or I are working on, 
and encourage the maker lifestyle.

This week we finished up another project for our "Upcycle Madness", things we have been selling...
and I have to say, I am super happy with this one.
To understand what we did better, here is a photo of the chair when we first brought it home.

This chair was fabulous, and we could see the potential.
A super, solid wood chair with great character, it had unfortunately seen better days.
Three of the legs had rot beyond repair. So... we made the decision to cut them off completely, and see what could be done from there.
I thought of making a swing, but as it was getting later in the year, we nixed that idea.
Then, the daughter came up with the idea of a pet bed.... sheer brilliance.

The bottom was sanded smooth where the legs had been.
There were several splits in the wood, a couple in the seat and a couple of the back/ headrest area.
These were sanded, filled with wood filler putty and sanded again.
In the photo, you can see a big stain on the seat. Probably oil. We removed what we could, then applied several coats of KILZ paint to cover it and protect it from seeping up.
Then the fun began.

Sage green seemed a good choice. Restful, peaceful, and sort of a neutral tone.
Digging through our boxes of fabric, we came across a large piece of flannel which the daughter used to make a slipcover. This went over a brand new standard sized pillow for the bed area.
Then the feet.

We toyed with the idea of fashioning "legs" from 2x4 boards on the horizontal.
But then I remembered that I had 4 gorgeous solid wood BUN feet off of an old game table we had, (which regrettably had bit the dust).
Searching online, we were able to order the hardware to attach them.
The feet were painted the same sage green, and once the hardware came in,
it was a relatively simple fix to get them attached...
And WALLAH! this fabulous pet bed was done.

Of course, being a photographer, I had to take photos...
and our little Snoopy dog was more than happy to pose for the glamour shots.

I took this piece up to show a friend, and she pointed out that it not only would be a great bed for smaller dogs or cats... but would be a great chair for a young child to watch TV in. I can see a little one loving this as their very own place to sit and read. It's big, and comfy, and low to the ground.

Anyway... this was one of the projects we have been working on... and I wanted to show a little more of the type of work we have been doing.

My eternal thanks to the daughter, without whom, none of this would be possible
---or near as much fun.
See you all tomorrow.