for the weekend

Happy October ~

What a weird, strange, bizarre day this has been... but we have had rain all day, which is good.
We've had an endless pot of coffee on the table... and good music playing.

All my links today are from Colossal.... it's a fantastic site.
* film about miniatures
* medieval manuscript art
* skeleton art
* this is rather cool
* illuminated man o' war
* a rather unusual instrument
* statues in motion
* paper flowers
* fantastic porcelain
* pirate printing

So. Remember the other day when I showed you the 80 books or so that the daughter had "discovered" in her room? ... and how I was lamenting about how to get through them all?
Well, it occurred to me that this might be good fodder for a post or two somewhere along the line here on my blog... as I go through them, read them, think about them.
Shown above, is a short stack of books that I am going through right now.... but it's sort of a "cheater" kind of stack; because I have either read them already, or have seen the movie... and now I am just deciding if I should keep the books themselves or not.
(the rest of the books in the bunch I haven't read):

* Wonder Boys by Michael Chabon: The movie is on my FAV list. And to be honest, I was nervous about reading the book because notoriously, it seems there are always so many diffferences between a movie and the book, that one must consider them completely separate beasts. That said, the only real difference between the book and the movie, is the ending. I love the book. I love the movie. Excellent read.
* The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd: I read the book long before I saw the movie, and loved it so much that I always kept a couple copies so I could pass them out to friends. It's that good.
* This I Know by Susannah Conway: I have spoken with Susannah online. She is as genuine in person, as she is when you read her book. Very, very good.
* Female Nomad and Friends by Ruth Golden Gelman: I read the first book she wrote, Tales of a Female Nomad... and loved it. This one, not so much.
* The Bridges of Madison County by Robert Waller: Didn't really like the movie, was hoping the book was better seeing as it had so very much critical acclaim. It is very prettily written... I will say that.
* The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman. Years and years ago, I was a fan of Danielle Steele. Alice Hoffman has her beat in the romance genre by leaps and bounds.
* Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. LOVE the movie. LOVE the book.
* The 10th Kingdom by Kathryn Wesley. I bought this years ago, after the mini-series came out. The series was pretty good... a little slow... but a modern take on a fairy tale. The book, however, I just can't seem to get into. I've tried and tried. ... but there it is.

We'll see what the next grouping holds.... in the meantime, I will see you all back here on Monday, and I hope you have a great weekend.