for the weekend

Today went by really quickly, and I spent most all of it either editing photos or listing descriptions of the same items I was editing photos for, to sell. In between of course, floors were swept, food fixed, dogs walked, dishes taken care of, phone calls made... in other words... a normal day. But it still seemed really busy to  me. And here it is, later in the evening, and I am just now getting to my weekend blog post. 
It was gorgeous out today though. Time was also spent clearing out the garden a bit, and the daughter was excited to be gathering seeds from, and drying some of the herbs for use over the winter.
The rest of the weekend, I hope, will be a mix of resting, reading, watching a movie or two, and making some jewelry.
But before I go, here are some links I've gathered to share with you all:

* about Bob Dylan's many influences
* artist Sarah Sitkin
* In Focus: Photography
* artist Kiki Smith

See you all on Monday.