for the weekend

One thing being sick for the past couple months has taught me... is that if I get to it; I get to it... and if I don't... it will still be there tomorrow. I know. Common sense, but a very hard lesson to learn and actually put into practice. I am a do-er... .and I try really hard to do everything I can, and more each and every day.... but sometimes it just isn't feasible. Things happen. Stuff gets in the way... some things don't go as planned... and you just need to roll with it.
I have also been trying out this magical word called "no" ... as in... no I can't do that, I am sorry. It's been a foreign word to me my whole life. And it's a very hard one to use, and follow through with. This year I had to say "no" to doing several shows, and the guilt was incredible. I am getting better though about it... but it's definitely a work in progress.

But... it's the weekend, and per my usual routine; I have some links to share with you all.
For this weekend's post, I will be linking to some of the movies we have watched these past couple of months.... I think you will like some of them.

Movies from Netflix:
* Let's Get Lost: story of trumpeter Chet Baker. wow. Interesting, but really tragic.
* Salmon Fishing in the Yemen: watched this last night. Yes, it's predictable. But it's cute.... in a very British, dry humor sort of way.
* Behind the Burly Q: a documentary. Interesting, and thought provoking. I like that they actually interview lots of the girls who used to work in the industry.
* It Might Get Loud: This is also a documentary of sorts. Very good. And I was surprised to find I really, really like some of the music by Jack White.
* Fantastic Mr. Fox: a kid's movie. But cute.
* AustenLand: ugh. So bad. Even mindless fluff movies need a relatively good plot.
* Love and Mercy: Let me preface this by saying that I love John Cusak, and have never seen a movie of his I didn't like. This is excellent. Sad, tragic, frustrating.... but excellent.
* O'Horten: ironically, we saw this back in 2011. I kept saying... I know we've seen this, but I forget how it ends. Cute. A little slow and dry, but cute.
* The Age of Adaline: Surprisingly, really really good. And it has Harrison Ford in it.

Movies from our local Library:
* Philomena: really, really awesome. Sad, tragic. Makes you want to shake a few people. But what a good and important story.
* My Old Lady: I love Kevin Kline. And although he plays a difficult character, this was good.
* Travels with my Aunt: horrible. I kept waiting for it to get better.
* Nebraska: another one that was surprisingly awesome. Lots of great characters that will surprise you. Stacy Keach did a great job playing an asshole.
* The Intern: mindless fluff movie... but good. Robert DeNiro is such a class act.
* Around the Bend: LOVE Christopher Walkin. Such a good movie.
* The Artist: the ONLY good thing about this movie is the dog. Don't bother.
* Enchanted April: sometimes we pick up movies just because the covers on the case are pretty. Don't bother with this one.
* Olive Kitteridge: this was, apparently, a mini-series on HBO. Truly excellent. Tough, mostly unlikable characters that draw you in anyway. You cringe, you feel bad.... you can't help but watch and love it. Stunningly beautiful photography.

Well, that's it for this weekend. Sorry I am posting so late.
See you all back here tomorrow for my "Maker Monday" post.

((the photo for today's post is another one of my mandala designs. This one started out as a photo of a gorgeous orange flower))