I never win things. It's sort of a running gag with my hubby, because he has a brother who tends to win lots of things. The only thing I ever won, was a large holiday gift basket full of fruit at a hospital party many years ago. My MIL also entered and really wanted it.... so when I won... I immediately gifted it to her. When I do enter things, I always count it as a "donation" of sorts. So ... when I entered a fly fishing lure naming contest a couple months ago, I had no expectations of actually winning.

Go figure, I won. But honestly, I couldn't be more thrilled. It is amazing.
I had picked the name "Swimmer Shimmer" as the lure the contest was asking to be named had glitter in it. 
My winnings? Some handmade lures from McDowell's Fly Shack.
There are about 35 !!! or so lures in this handy portable ( and water resistant ) box. 
Fuzzy ones, glittery ones, super anatomically cool ones... the jewelry fabricator in me is delighting in all the shiny/ shininess of it all. 
The fisher-woman in me is anxious to go try them out.

These fantastic flies were made by Justin McDowell. 
email: risingtrout1761@gmail.com
You can find him on Etsy -- HERE
and on Instagram --- HERE 
and on Facebook -- HERE

Go show him some love.
See you all tomorrow.