---ever have one of those days?

I woke up early (especially for me)... and cleaned the house. I vacuumed all the rooms, dusted everything, swept the floors, watered plants, took care of clean dishes (and took care of dirty dishes), did a load of laundry, made the bed, got the mail, checked the email, cleaned out the fridge, made some promos for a friend's business, and one for my own business (I am trying to learn some basic photoshop skills), gathered some items for folks who were picking things up today...

... and then nothing. I can't seem to get it together. It's one of those days when nothing tastes right, and nothing feels right. I need to do work.. and I can't seem to get the energy to do it. I was all set to go work in the studio... but all I want to do is to crawl back in bed. 
I'm not depressed, I am tired. Exhausted. 


I am thinking about just that. Sometimes you just have to "give in" and trust that it's the right thing to do
... even when there is so much else to be done.

Much love to you all, and I will see you tomorrow.