There's a saying that sometimes one "can't see the forest for the trees..."
I don't know who is accredited as coining the phrase, but the meaning behind it... of not being able to see the whole picture because you're too focused on the details... certainly rings true.
And so it is with stuff... some times there is just so much of it... that you don't know where to begin.

I think one of the things people hang onto the most, is clothing. It's expensive, and (at least for me) I hate shopping for clothes. I would much rather wear something old, than have to go through the process of buying something new... having to try it on... trying to find something that will work and look good... it's a chore for me. But, if most of us are honest, we have too much clothing already on hand. Myself included. At least twice a year (once in spring, and once in fall) I try to go through my clothing. I am brutal... in that I truly believe that if you don't like the way something looks on you.. there is no sense hanging onto it. I used to keep clothing in the hopes of fitting into it again... or because it had sentimental value... but not anymore. Life is short. And it's too short to wear clothing you hate.
That said.. what's in my closet? eeeeeeeeeehola. You want to go there. Ok. Here goes....

Actually, not a whole lot. I love skirts, and I dislike pants (probably because I am self conscious of my weight... and skirts hide a multitude of sins). Plus, I like that I feel more "girly" in skirts. I own 12 skirts, and 2 pair of pants (one is a pair of dress slacks for special occasions, and one is a funky pair handmade for me by a friend). I have 6 tank tops in various colors that I wear as my first layer (or only layer in hot weather), and I have about 12 or so "over" shirts, and a few ripped up t-shirts for everyday wear. I have 5 blazers (I have a thing for vintage men's blazers), one large handmade winter sweater, and a couple coats. Beyond that, I have 2 pair of cowboy boots (my summer set, and my winter set), and a pair of Berkenstock sandals. All my socks and underthings I keep in a basket (top shelf)... which makes for easy access, and no folding necessary.... and a few sets of pjs. The hat boxes you see in the closet actually hold some sentimental collectibles. The train case is one I use for traveling, as is the vintage leather case behind it.
Yep, that's it... and frankly, I own more clothing at the moment than I have in a very long time. I found that it's simpler to have a sort of "uniform" that is your go-to outfit. In my case, it's skirts and a tank top, with a complimentary shirt over the top. It's relaxed, and I don't have to think about what I have to wear every day. I think I read somewhere that the reason why Johnny Cash wore black, it because it simplified his routine... he didn't have to think about what to wear if he had essentially all the same clothing. There are clothing designers that do the same sort of thing.
See here
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So... what do you do with your old clothing? You can sell it online, and there are tons of places where you can donate it (think church programs, charities, etc). When things are in "too sorry" of shape to even donate, the daughter and I will rip the fabric up into usable bits for quilting and patches, and we rip t-shirts into strips for yarn.

Have a great evening... and I will see you all tomorrow.