Normally, I would have a "Maker Monday" post today... 
But today I was running around doing errands and such... and I am posting a bit later than usual. 
Seems like every conversation I had with folks today revolved around the coming elections; and everyone seems a bit frantic, anxious, lost and confused. There is a lot of angst out there folks... and I fear that no matter who "wins" the elections, half of our country is going to be afraid and upset over our future. It feels as if this whole country is in a state of flux and bewilderment.

So for today.... I am merely posting a photograph I took of some koi....
and a gentle reminder that no matter the outcome tomorrow... we will still be here. 
The sun will still rise, the fish will still swim... and good neighbors will still be helping each other. 
It's time to mend the fences and say hello to the kids down the street. 
Make some brownies... have a cuppa... see you all tomorrow.