This is probably not your typical "day after Christmas" photograph. 

I've been going through my "old" digital photo files, and this one came up from January of 2010. We were living in Albuquerque, and this cemetery, the San Jose Cemetery, is right near the airport there. It is unfortunately sandwiched between highway exits... a leftover of "progress" and a re-routing of roads. That said, I love it. ... and oddly, when we lived there... it seemed that the times I stopped to photograph or just take a moment to be still here, were these days after the holidays. The "mad rushing about" of the season was done.... and there is that stillness until the big hub-bub of the New Year.
Like this cemetery... time seems to be taking a moment to rest... a nice respite for the weary. 
Have a day folks, rest and be well.
See you all tomorrow.

((I will continue my "Maker Monday" posts after the new year))