It's that strange in-between time of the holiday season.... those days between Christmas and New Year's Day when no one really knows what to do. Take down decorations? Start on the taxes? Clean the house? 
Nature is just as confused. 
Last night, I was unable to sleep (was awake til after 7am)... and around 2am it started snowing. It would go like gangbusters for a bit... then slow down. Then the wind picked up... the snow plows came through... before you knew it... there was at least a foot on the ground out there. I had 2 really good days (no headaches and such)... and today is a bit of a lost cause. But that's ok. 
There is a fire in the fireplace, and we have tea and such..... things are fine. It's just a beautiful, restful lull.
See you all tomorrow for my weekend Haiku.