I took this photo in February of 2012. The daughter and I had gone to California to pick up a friend. She had lived with us briefly, then she wanted to start afresh with her family nearby, so we took her to Arizona where she joined another friend who took her the rest of the way to California where her family lived. When this photo was taken - just a few months later- things had changed, and she wanted to come back to New Mexico... and so we were making a trip, again, to go get her and her things. She would end up staying with us again until June... and then our friendship ended quite abruptly and finally.

Friendships are hard. 
Some of the hardest events of my life, ironically, have been events surrounding the loss of a friend or loved one. Sometimes it has been because of death... sometimes because people change. I have been through all kinds of illness and hardship.... and I will never understand the things that people sometimes do to each other. Intentionally or not, it can cut us to the absolute core. 
 Growth is optional... But if we are to survive, I think (most of us) have to try to make some sense of it all ‚Ķglean some positivity from an otherwise bad outcome. In light of that.... I will say; that had it not been for her, I would not have been to California... Or had opportunity to see the Pacific Ocean -which was amazing. I hope to go again sometime. 
 This photo was taken in Clear Lake, California. 
We had stopped as she wanted to see some folks... and so we wandered around the lake that is in the middle of town. There were these areas of spindly trees, that I can only guess were surrounded by marsh/ water most of the year. It seemed very other-worldly. There were tons of birds and ducks on the shoreline... and it was incredibly peaceful. Leaving the wooded area... I came across this rock with the simple phrase "You are Beautiful" written on it.

Today... I want you to remember that YOU are beautiful. 
Trials may come  and go. Friendships may come and go.
No matter the way others see you... No matter what life throws your way.... 
you can deal with it and come out even stronger and more blessed for the journey. 

See you all tomorrow..