I love this photo.
A few years ago, the daughter and I traveled out to California to bring a (former) friend back to New Mexico. 
It was an awesome trip... made even better by the occasional stop to see things like this. 
If I had my druthers, I would have some kind of RV so that I could travel around and take photos. 
I am really at my best, as a person, as a photographer, as a human... when I am able to get out and about and see new things. That said... I am ok where I am. The caveat.... being that I wish my hubby had a job... and preferably, one that he really loved. It's been hard to be here... compounded by almost constant unemployment for the past 3+ years. But we are doing ok. Shockingly so... seeing as we have very little money coming in. The good news, is that it has taught us what is really important to us...  and it has spurred me on to doing art/ work that I truly LOVE.... and to not compromise. 
Life is too short to be doing things you hate. 
That which does not kill us... makes us stronger.
Carry on my fellow raptors... see you all tomorrow.