Today was an odd day, and one where I just couldn't seem to get myself around.
I know that there are days like this, and with a chronic illness, I have learned (for the most part) to work around them. I have also learned that sometimes it is best not to "force" things... Ie: if you don't feel up to something... it's probably a wise thing to not do it until you do feel up to it... because you're just going to mess things up and get frustrated. Ah... the lessons learned with Lupus.

On another note, I was VERY productive the other day... and the necklace above is one of the things I made. I've been going through old/ broken jewelry... and had this stamped cuff bracelet. The ends were decorative... but the middle was completely trashed. So... I got out my trusty jewelry saw, and cut off this one end, then filed it until the edges were smooth. Then I buffed it til it had an interesting texture, and was shiny. I drilled a hole in the bottom, and placed part of a vintage earring, that happened to be made from the same material. 
Going through my stash, I found some bulk chain that was a similar tone, and made the chain 20 inches in length, and added a lobster claw clasp. It is a simple design, but so cool that it is completely comprised of salvaged parts.

Keep creating folks....