This year, perhaps more than ever before... we have realized the importance of clearing out,
using things as much as you can (and in new ways)... and of salvaging and fixing things up.
To this end, I thought I would do a series of posts on clearing out and organizing, and living a simpler life.
I hope to do one once a week (Check out previous posts on Thursdays!)


This is an older photograph that I took several years ago... but I love it.
So... let's talk about tv for a minute.

We have been without tv/ cable for just over a year now I think. And I'll be honest, I thought it was going to be really hard to live without. ... but I was wrong. Yes, it took some adjusting to... but I really don't miss it. There are certain shows I miss (like Project Runway).. but I have a friend who is willing to let me come and see it on occasion... which is really nice. We visit, we snack, and we watch.
What spurred us on to get rid of cable?... well, the fact that when your income is only $1000 a month (give or take --I'll talk more about this some other time)... you really can't justify spending $100 a month on tv. I'd much rather eat, frankly. But there are other ways you can get entertainment/ news/ movies and such.
If you have internet, you are sorta set. There are websites that show previously aired programs
(so for instance, I can watch older episodes of Project Runway on my computer, just not the current episode). There are places like Hulu and Sling where you can watch tv, Amazon prime does as well... and it's certainly more affordable than cable. There are streaming devices like Roku, where you can pay for just the shows you want to watch. There is also this and THIS.... but I haven't tried them.
And of course, there is Netflix, which we subscribe to and love.

There are other options too.
You can share movies with friends. You can see some great movies (and get to know your friend's better)... you can borrow movies from your local library (ours has a pretty good selection)... or heck, you can read more.
Now, I love to read, but frankly, when we had tv I was much more inclined to watch something stupid on tv than to read a good book. That has changed.
There are other "bonuses" as well. Once we started actually watching some of the movies we had, we decided that we didn't really like them as well as we thought. We then swapped with friends, or sold the ones we no longer wanted. This cut down on stuff we had, as well as brought in some extra dollars... which always helps.

We keep all our movies in this vintage washstand. It works perfectly.
See you all tomorrow.