Wow! We have snow... and lots of it... and more coming down.
It is beautiful.

And last night, I finished up a super long scarf.
I am keeping this one, and I am (finally) out of yarn. Yep... not an inch of it is left.
On to other projects. .. not the least of which is some jewelry I am designing and making.

The other day we went to State College to put in an application to adopt a dog. The dog ended up going to another home that was pre-approved... (which is great for the dog)... but it means we didn't end up getting a furry friend for our house yet. So.... we went to Barnes & Noble for some tea, and I ended up finding a couple awesome books on jewelry design and small business practices. There are lots of great things in both of these books that I will be implementing into my own business... so there are some fun things to come.
See you all tomorrow.