So ... last night I started going through one of the last tubs of stuff I need to go through... that is in the studio space.
In it, is a large stack of vintage LIFE magazines that I had bought many years ago.
They are all from the late 40s, through the 50s.... and the artwork and such is just amazing.
Because they are in poor shape, they are not worth reselling... so I am taking this as an awesome opportunity to garner some more pictures for collage. And of course, along the way I am reading an article or two. There was a great article on the Korean War, and although the photos are not something I would want to use for collage... it was great to see. There was also one on the "re-education" of Nazi POWs that were going through some sort of rehabilitation camp here in the US. I don't think the article ever said where the location of this camp was, but it was something that I didn't even know existed in history. The photo above, was part of a civil rights campaign sweeping the midwest... and how women were coming out in droves... sounds sort of like the news this week...

And then there was this car/ airplane that was constructed in 1946. Whodathunkit.

And, naturally, I am also working on jewelry. One of the projects on tap this week is a necklace and earring set that I am making to donate to a local fundraiser for a lady dealing with cancer/ medical expenses. It will feature Hobai Turquoise, hematite, and golden amber toned pearls. All the metal/ wire will be hypoallergenic steel... and I think the color combo is amazing.
I'll show you photos when it's done.
In the meantime... keep creating!!  .... see you all tomorrow.