There are times I really miss the desert. 
That said, I know that I am (currently) where I need to be.
This whole week I have had to "step-up" on the things I help out with for my mom... and it's been good that I have been here. 
That said, I am tired, and a looking forward to the weekend and a bit more rest. 
Much love to you all... and I will see you all tomorrow for my weekend haiku.


This photo was one I took in Tuscon while we were visiting a nature center. 
I believe the formations are selenite. The center featured minerals and stones that were sometimes found in Arizona. 
Selenite comes from a Greek word meaning "moons", and selenite was often used in olden times for window panes. 
Metaphysically, it is thought to help with confusion, and making decisions.... sounds like a great thing to have on hand.