What a long strange year this has been.... and yes, it's only February.
Jim is home from the hospital, and honestly things could not have gone better. Jim keeps having episodes of Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation; which is a funky heart rhythm. Most people don't discover they have this problem until after they've had a heart attack or stroke... so we are very happy to report that he is fine, and has suffered no damage. Also, because we caught it fairly early, he is able to take oral meds for it. He also needs to go in for a sleep study, as the cause of this might be related to sleep apnea.
But he is home, healthy... and things are settling down a bit.
Coincidently, my son was going through similar issues back in Albuquerque, and is now home and recouping as well.

Needing a moment to decompress, I made the mandala design for today's post. It started off as a photograph I did recently of a painted rose, and is by far, one of the most elaborate ones I have done to date. Gotta love the "Spirograph" like details...

See you all tomorrow.